Need to junk a car? Maybe the plan was to rebuild that old junker, or maybe your wife says it’s time to clean up the front yard, whatever the reason, you won’t have to pay someone else to haul away that old rust bucket; we’ll pay you.

It doesn’t matter if your old car is wrecked, damaged, or totaled, we offer a safe-bonded, rated A+, and insured service. We’ll come and haul away that old clunker and we’ll pay you at the same time we come to pick it up.

So not only will you clear away some of the clutter of your life, you can count on getting a fair offer for your old SUV, car, pickup, or van; we offer the highest fair market value for anyone in the car disposal business.

Many older vehicles don’t have a lot of value, the owner would have to pay someone to come in and haul their old vehicle away when they need to junk a car, we’ll not only come in and haul the heap away, but we’ll pay you. We offer a reliable and easy service that will pay anywhere from $50 to over $100,000 for vehicles.

Check us out our site information and find out how easy it can be for you to get rid of that old clunker.

With almost 350 offices, we have offices in or near just about every city in North America. Check us out today to see how we can help you.


Having a junk car sitting in the garage, in the driveway or even in the parking lot can mean more than just a headache. With car insurance costs rising, even for inoperable vehicles, people have begun thinking about how to “sell my car”.

Cash for junk cars

Most individuals feel that if a car is totaled, damaged or wrecked, regardless of whether it is new or old that it can only be sold, traded in or donated. However, with us, you can get cash for car recycling.

The fact is that each vehicle has many different parts that make it work. Those that want to “sell my car” can contact us to get a quote for the different parts of the vehicle. We show up, removes the vehicle for car recycling, and offers cash right then and there.

There is no waiting around for vehicle removal and cash reimbursement. You no longer have to keep your junk car sitting near your home with no real functionality. Contact us and get the money quick for all of the scrap parts your car has to offer.

With this type of exchange, you not only get more for your vehicle than if you were to sell your totaled, damaged or wrecked vehicle online today. The process is also environmentally-friendly as the parts are reused by manufacturers for other vehicles or equipment. Cash for your junk car, scraps for reuse, and car removal all-in-one.

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